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LBSA hopes to encourage and promote the development of tomorrow's future leaders from all backgrounds and career fields.


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The Hispanic Business Student Association, now Latinx Business Student Association, was founded in 1984 by an ambitious, first-generation Cal Poly student, Maria Rodriguez-Arvizu. She recognized the need for a place where diverse students could come together to find the support and resources needed to continue to succeed at Cal Poly. Her legacy continues to this day.

Our mission is to increase the representation of Latinx professionals in the field of business. 

LBSA hopes to encourage and promote the development of tomorrow's future leaders from all backgrounds and career fields. LBSA strives to equip every member with the fundamental skills, relationships, and expertise necessary to successfully launch their professional careers from when they join our professional club to their graduation and beyond. We hope to encourage the importance of balancing life, work, and school through fun and engaging events.

LBSA is geared towards fortifying the academic and professional goals of underrepresented students by unifying and empowering our growing community. This said LBSA welcomes students from any of the six academic colleges at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Your major shouldn't limit the development you can make with LBSA.

Meet the Team


Valeria Huaco

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Vice President

Jessica Huang

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Our officers were chosen to not only maintain but represent the Latinx Business Student Association's core values:




Finance Director

Arely Ramos

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Director of Social Affairs

Angela Mendez

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Executive Administrator

Karen Hernandez

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With the help of amazing advisors and a strong alumni system, we hope to grow together, not only as a club but also as a family. We are all propelled by our values to create an inclusive and professional environment.

Internal Marketing Director

Kevin Casteneda

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Media Marketing Director

Pedro Lopez

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Director of Web Development

Sandra Gutierrez Carmona

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Edgar Gonzalez

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Director of External Affairs

Yovani Alexander

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Ilianna Salas

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Weekly Meetings on Thursday


Meeting ID: 89079411113

To watch our past meeting recordings, click below:

Thursday Meeting 2019-20
Thursday Meeting 2019-20

Culture Fest 2019-20
Culture Fest 2019-20

Outstanding Club Award 2014-15
Outstanding Club Award 2014-15

Thursday Meeting 2019-20
Thursday Meeting 2019-20


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